345 Nursery School

Welcome to 345 Nursery School, Midrand

At 345 we strive to educate our children in a safe, secure and fun-loving environment. A support structure that will provide your children with maximum learning experiences. Children need a relationship of trust and understanding with their teachers in order to feel safe and secure and we provide this foundation for effective education. Teaching is not our profession, it’s our passion.

We understand hard working parents, and strive to recognize opportunities, that will make all mums’ and dads’ days as convenient as possible.

School gates are suitably open at 07h00 for all parents who would need to drop their kids off early each day. The official school day, however will begin at 08h30. The school closes at 17h30 each day with the toddler section only operational until 14h00.

Welcome to a school of BIG sports. We at 345 are crazy about extra murals and currently run a large variety of fun sporting interests. Come on moms and dads, share our enthusiasm, as the lifespan of these activities is determined purely by the interest of the parents as well as the children.

345 Nursery School classes in Midrand

345 remains open during the April and August holidays at no extra charge.

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