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Learning Through Play

Play is the essence of creativity in children throughout the world; it is universal and knows no national or cultural boundaries. Educators and psychologists have called play a reflection of the child’s growth. It is a self-satisfying activity through which children gain control and come to understand life. This is exactly what our children at 345 Nursery School do, they learn through play.

At 345 Nursery School, we strive to develop our children through every activity and task presented to our children. They are exposed to various types of play, without realising the learning experiences which are happening while playing. We develop and focus on a holistic approach to learning. This means that we allow each child to progress individually, achieving objectives that cater to every child. Holistic development is an approach to learning that emphasises the importance of the physical, emotional and intellectual well-being of children. These are key aspects which we endeavour to maintain at 345 Nursery School.

Classrooms are set up to allow for flexible and differentiated seating types. We include rotation teaching where children have the opportunity to perform different creative activities during the course of the day. Thinking Skills and Problem-Solving activities form a significant part of our daily routine. We have incorporated Design and Technology, KidsKoaching (a dynamic Physical Education Programme) and Music lessons to our curriculum as these support the holistic development of our children.

Our aim at 345 is to “identify” and “rectify” any developmental concerns that a child may display at an early age. We, therefore, work closely with a therapy centre to assist our children when necessary.

Our fun-filled year also includes a Family Fun Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day tea, Musical Concert, Sports Day, Special Person’s tea and many more exciting events.

345, where teaching is our passion.


Pre-school design and engineering curriculum.

This course is currently being offered to our Grade R and 00 class. The Pre-school Design and Engineering course was developed by Hands-on Technology. This is a Lego programme which is important in developing essential skills through play. It is believed to contribute to success in maths and science on a primary school level.

Coaching Concepts

All physical education at 345 is taught by Anthony from Coaching Concepts.

Please see additional information from Coaching Concepts below:

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