345 Nursery School - Midrand

Children are given a mid-morning snack of seasonal fresh fruit and are provided with a delicious substantial, healthy cooked meal at lunchtime. The two week rotation menu is displayed on the wall in the kitchen. We provide a soya alternative on days when meat is served on the menu. We strive to incorporate sustained energy (Low GI) foods in our meals to promote a healthy lifestyle and optimize learning.

After zzzzzz time, the children are treated with a snack and juice, as well as a late afternoon snack to those who stay for after care. Please ensure that any allergies are reported to the class teacher and the office. No other food, drink or sweets will be permitted at school, as this causes fights and disruptions amongst the children. We are also a peanut-free school and have children who are highly allergic to nuts; therefore no peanut products are allowed to be brought to school.

Our kitchens have been fitted with double under counter KDF water purifiers to ensure that the water that the children drink is of high standard, filtered of all heavy metals and any potentially harmful organisms. We promote the drinking of water, for both staff and children alike, to ensure the healthiest option for hydration and for brain development.

Please Note: Menu is subject to change without prior notice.