345 Carlswald Concert

The children at 345 have some skills! These were portrayed at our year end concert, 345’s Got Talent. Donning their beautiful outfits and ready to rock and roll, the children entered onto stage with smiles beaming. As the lively music filled the air, the little ones began to dance and sing to the beat. Each group took it in turn to show off their talents and to dance their little hearts out for the enjoyment of a very receptive audience. 345’s Got Talent was a wonderful celebration of our special little ones and their awesome vibrance was shared by one and all.

345 Vorna Valley Concert

Now we understand why everyone longs for an Island-style getaway. Sunrises, palm trees and the smell of good times combined with sunscreen, filled the air on a bright Saturday morning. The concert, conducted by Uhone (Fish One) and Mufunwa (Fish Two), told the great tales of the Island. Tales of Mohana opened the day, followed by Underwater Fun. The Pirates then made their entrance, with the Sailors ultimately saving the day. What a way to get ready for the start of Summer.