345 CW:-

NOTICES 11th September – 15th September

Saturday 16th September: Family Spring Walk 2017.  Letters have been sent home regarding the spring walk.  The sponsor forms have also been sent.  Parents please help your children to bring in the sponsorships or donations. Sponsor forms must all be returned by Friday 15th September.  All children must be at school by 8:45am.  The walk will start promptly at 9:00am.  We will be hosting lovely food stalls, selling delicious food and drinks.  Please bring cash, you must purchase food tickets.  All food vendors will only accept the tickets. CC machine available.

In celebration of Spring 2017 for the Spring Walk the children can make a flower tiara or flower garland to wear on their hair or around their necks.  Prizes will be given to the most colourful tiara or garland.

Summer Lunch Menu: Parents the summer lunch menu is on our website.  If you would like to view the menu please go to http://www.345.co.za/school-information/whats-for-lunch/

Friday 22nd September: Heritage Day celebration, all children may dress up in their traditional cultural dress or a South African sports jersey.

Public Holiday Monday 25th September: School is closed, there is no holiday care.

 345 Swim School: Swimming for term 3 has begun. If you would like your child to join the swim school, please email Mr Anthony Lord: lord.a@carlswaldhouse.co.za He will send you the necessary contract to complete.

End of year notice: Parents if you are not returning in 2018, please note we require a terms notice.  The monthly notice is not applicable after September if you are not returning in 2018.  Your notice must be given in writing by the 30th September 2017 or earlier, if possible.

AccountsParents, it is your responsibility to ensure that you pay your school fees by the 7th of each month.   Please note:  If we do not receive your payment by the 7th of the month, a late fee penalty of R500 will be charged to your account if no prior payment arrangement has been made.   Please email Joanne Bevan if you have any queries: fees@345.co.za

Birthdays: Parents please only provide cupcakes or party packs for your child’s birthday celebrations at school.

AftercareParents please take note that aftercare is from 2:00pm till 5:30pm. The contact number is the same as the main switch board number 011 029 0802.  Parents please call the aftercare teacher if you are running late to collect your child.

Late Collection:  We are finding that some parents are collecting their children after 6:00pm. This is happening quite often of late.  Please understand that it is a very long day for your child, it’s getting dark much earlier now, it is almost supper time, and your child is hungry and tired.  Please also consider the staff, they have to get home to their families and they may have to take taxis home.  If for whatever reason you cannot fetch your child on time, please arrange alternate transport for your child.

Booking Appointments: VERY IMPORTANT:

 Parents, if you would like a meeting with Mr. Tagg, please make an appointment with Leressa Sebastian on 011 029 0802 or email admin@345.co.za

If you want to discuss your school fees account please make an appointment with Joanne Bevan on 011 029 0802 or fees@345.co.za

Changing from half day to full day or full day to half day: Please note that we require 1 months’ notice in writing.  Please email this to fees@345.co.za

Extra Services: Swimming: Please note that we require 1 months’ notice in writing mailed to fees@345.co.za  to add or cancel swimming.  We will not accept any notes written in the communication book.


Dates to Diarise:

Saturday 16th September– Family Spring Walk (Compulsory school day)

Friday 22nd September– Heritage Day celebrations

Monday 25th September –  Heritage Day Public Holiday (No Holiday care)