NOTICES 15 – 19 February 2016

Another awesome week has just gone byEveryone is in routine, bright and happy faces arriving in the mornings gearing up for the day ahead.


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Carlswald House Preparatory School



Please ensure all your children’s clothing is labelled.  If your child brings home clothing that does not belong to them, please return it to the office.  Let’s teach our children to be responsible and care for other people’s belongings.

Swimming:  Please note: No more changes will be made to the roster.  You will have to give a month’s notice if you require any further changes.

Wellness Day:  The Auditory screening will be taking place on 17th February 2016.

Paid Extra Murals: All extra murals for 345 are as follows:

  • Monday: Little Kickers
  • Tuesday: Little Lab Coats
  • Wednesday: Ballet
  • Thursday: Karate
  • Friday: Pottery

Parents please contact the relevant people directly to enrol your child, or to confirm times.

Accounts:  Please note:  If we do not receive your payment by the 7th of the month, a late fee penalty of R500-00 will be charged to your account if no prior payment arrangement has been made.   Please email Joanne Bevan if you have any queries:

Mid-Term Break:  18th February- Parents please note during the CHP mid-term break, 345 will remain open.


Dates to Diarise

Parent Workshop: 13th February

Auditory Screening: 17th February

 Family Fun Day: 27 February

 School Photos: Individual and Class photos 1st March, 2nd March, 3rd March