345 CW:-

NOTICES 30th January – 3rd February 2017

Our first full week of school was fantastic. A very warm welcome to all our new parents to the 345 family.   Our children are all settling in, after a few tears during the first couple of days.  They are now getting into the routine of the school day at 345.

Parents Information Evening:  Thank you to all parents that attended the information evening.  We appreciate your support.

A few new changes to 345 Nursery school: The Gr 000 class which was called the Penguins, is now called the Parrots class.  Lady bugs and Parrots are situated at the toddler section.

We would like to welcome Mrs Paige Opperman to 345 nursery school.  She is the teacher for the Parrots class.  We wish her a very happy stay at 345.

Swimming:  345 Swim School: If you would like to enrol your child for swimming please email Mr Anthony Lord: lord.a@carlswaldhouse.co.za

Extra murals:  We have Ballet, Karate, Little Kickers, Pottery, Little Lab Coats and Manners for Minors.  They will be doing demos for your little ones and they will send their information in your child’s communication books.  You must contact the individual activities directly for all information, enrolments and payments.

AccountsAll statements were emailed on the 24th January for February 2017.  Please ensure all fees are paid on or before the 7th of the month.    Please email Joanne Bevan if you have any queries to fees@carlswaldhouse.co.za

Annual School Fee Payments are to be paid by the 31st of January 2017.


Dates to Diarise

Special Person’s Day: 10th February (invitations will be sent)

Valentine’s Day: 14th February (children can wear civvies)