345 Vorna Valley

NOTICES  25th November to 29th November 2019

What’s New….

Our children are enjoying learning in their classrooms and all outdoor activities. 

  • Last Day of School: Thursday 5 December school closes at 11:00am. ALL CHILDREN to be collected by 11:00pm. The school will down at 11:00am and there is no aftercare.
  • Thank you drive – Assistant Staff: As in the past, 345 have a “thank you” drive for all our amazing Assistant staff, Security and Grounds staff. Please remember to bring your donation of R50 to school. This will be divided amongst our staff and each staff member will receive a Pick n Pay voucher. Thank you to the parents that have already donated.
  • Meet and Greet 14th January 2020. This will be a fun morning for you and your child to come and meet their new teacher as well as view their new classrooms. Taking place between 9am – 11am.
  • End of year notice: Parents if you not returning in 2020, please note we require a terms notice. The monthly notice is not applicable after September if you are not returning in 2020.  Your notice must be given in writing by the 30th September 2019.


•  Accounts: Please check your emails as well as your junk/spam folders.  If

     you did not receive your statement, please email Karen Visser at  

    fees@carlswaldhouse.co.za. Please ensure all fees are paid on or before the

   7th of the month.   Please note:  If we do not receive your payment by the 7th

    of the month, a late fee penalty of R500 will be charged to your account if no

   prior payment arrangement has been made.   Please email Karen Visser if you

   have any queries: fees@carlswaldhouse.co.za

  • Opening times:  Parents, the school gates open at 06h45.  Parents are to please escort their children into the school and sign them in and out in the afternoons.
  • 345 Swim School: For new enrolments for swimming in 2020, please email Chrisna: adminvornavalley@345.co.za If your child is registered for swimming, please ensure you pack a swimming costume and towel on Monday and Wednesday.
  • Very Important: Please take note of the following:  Parents when you receive emails from the ED-Admin email, please Do Not reply to this email.  Mails sent from Ed Admin are system generated emails.  Please direct all your emails to:adminvornavalley@345.co.za , admin@345.co.za , fees@carlswaldhouse.co.za
  • Extra Murals: We have Ballet, Karate, Soccer Starz, Pottery, Little Lab Coats.

You must contact the individual activities directly for all information, enrolments and payments.

Dates to Diarise:

  • Wednesday 4th December: Class parties
  • Thursday 5th December: School closes at 11:00. Children collected by 11:00am – NO aftercare.
  • Tuesday 14th January 2020 – Meet and Greet
  • Wednesday 15th January 2020 – School opens